Is Uplines Super App Free?

Yes, UplinesSuper App is completely free for users. You can log in easily by registeringwith your email or mobile phone number.

Is Uplines Super App a payment system?

No, it's not. No, Uplines is a platform that makes you benefit from the details of your daily life. Every time you buy from a store, you can use the application with the aim of obtaining points from your purchases and the purchases of those you invite to the application. After that, you can collect points and transfer them to STC Pay or USDC, and in this way you are benefiting your friends and loved ones!

How Can I Earn Loyalty Points?

You can earn loyalty points whenever you make purchases from Uplines partners as well as through purchases from your contacts who have been invited to the app by you.

How do I Refer a Friend to Join Uplines Super App?

Use the Tell-A-Friend scheme and invite your friendsto join Uplines Super App using your invitation link.

How Do I Follow Up on the Progress of my Referrals?

You can view the progress of your friend referrals on your Referrals Performance Page.