We make shopping an enjoyable and rewarding Experience

A Saudi company registered under commercial registration number 4030495988 is offering an innovative participatory loyalty program through a digital platform that brings together stores and shoppers. The program is designed as a referral-based system that utilizes an advanced technological mechanism to collect points into digital wallets specific to each customer. This enables customers to shop for their favorite products and services across a vast network of stores spread throughout the Kingdom, earning points for every purchase they or their circle make.

The concept of partnership onwhich the program was built is based on benefiting customers and partners alike, which makes it distinctive in the world of Saudi fintech, as Uplines seeks to provide all the logistical and technical facilities that enable customers to enjoy their shopping experience on one hand and enable partners to enhance their brands on the other.

Our Values


Experience excellence at every step. From our user-friendly platform to our swift customer support, Uplines is committed to providing first-class services to all its customers.


Take control of your financial destiny! Uplines provides you with the tools and opportunities to boost your income and achieve financial independence.


Step into the future with us! Uplines leverages the latest technologies to make financial growth accessible to everyone. Your success is our innovation!


We value the power of unity. Join us and build strong relationships with like-minded individuals.



Trust is our foundation. At Uplines, we prioritise honesty, transparency, and the client's interests in every decision we make.

Our commitment to the pillars of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030

Our Sustainable Development Goals initiative reflects ourcommitment to making a lasting impact on Saudi society, always in accordancewith the Kingdom’s Vision for 2030.Through responsible practices, innovation,and partnerships, we align with the United Nations Sustainable DevelopmentGoals to create meaningful societal change consistent with the Kingdom’sculture and the pillars of its vision.

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A vibrant community

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A thriving economy

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An ambitious country